Saturday, November 15, 2008

On Air

Live streaming videos of anything and everything can be found on the interweb, puppies doing puppy things to name one. Jake in all his glory to name another (I'll let him post the website at his discretion). Don't we have better things to do beside watch puppies licking each others' nether regions or witnessing Jake's first attempt to make oatmeal cookies? No, no we don't.

To be fair, most of us are capable of multitasking; I was continually flipping between Jake's cooking show and updating my etsy store. But there is something magical about seeing things on the internet that I just can't explain. When Cole and Cecilia made an appearance it was honestly like watching a tv show with guests. And the best part was that after the cookies were done I was able to drive over and test them out. Quite delicious, if you were wondering.

So now I'm thinking of things in terms of how entertaining they would be via streaming video. For instance, I presently have a squirrel trapped in a cage on my window ledge and two cats eagerly watching its every move. And the day before the same squirrel was inside my wall, scratching and thumping around to the point where I honestly thought it might come bursting into my living room. Would these make good videos? Probably not. While intense situations, (for me anyway), it's just not the same as being able to tell Jake to take his shirt off and have him giggle in response.

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