Monday, March 9, 2009

Uptown Market

I've chatted many a ear off about the Minneapolis Uptown Market that I'm organizing, and now I'm writing about it. The first of many entries, to be sure. Deal with it.

Inspired largely by
Seattle's Fremont Market, here is our Mission Statement:

The Uptown Market is a venue to enhance the quality of life for the community through the gathering of local artisans, craftspeople, small business owners, area farmers, and neighbors. A place where small vendors can come and sell their goods to the public, the Uptown Market unites the community. The Uptown Market will offer an opportunity for community organizations to outreach to the public.

Progress is being made! We've decided on a location pending approval: 29th street between Lyndale and Dupont. I've also designed a logo (that may be replaced by a contest winner at some point), and the most excellent mr. freeberg has put together, which will no doubt be amazing as we progress. Details as they occur.

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Emily said...

Awesome news - this sounds fantastic! If you ever need any PR or graphic design help, feel free to give me a shout.