Tuesday, June 23, 2009

one down, three to go.

The first Uptown Market was last Sunday, and I think a successful first event. The weather could have been better, all the people that signed up could have shown up, but nevertheless I was happy with the turnout. There were some great vendors and a steady flow of traffic despite the drizzle and competing Stone Arch Festival. Check out the photostream here.

Highlights were the MagicBus Cafe, a blue grass band, Andy Schmidt's ability to make it rain, artwork falling to the ground on Carissa's watch, and my tent almost flying over the fence and onto the Greenway. Next Market is July 19th. We hope to have more produce vendors and will make other general improvements.

Thanks to all those who helped make the Uptown Market happen. I like
blog writer Carrie Obry's grasp of what we want the market to become, and how amazing it is that we have come this far being completely volunteer based. It's a learning experience, to be sure. Baby steps, Bob. Baby steps.

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