Saturday, December 26, 2009

this year I...

- drove to both coasts and into Canada.
- started the Uptown Market, with help of friends.
- became a professional artist.
- loved the color purple.
- got my dream guitar.
- started writing songs.
- lost a grandma.
- began calling Minneapolis "home."
- rode a tandem, flew a kite, went to a monster truck show, roller skated.
- won a backyard kubb tournament.
- bought a blue bike.
- had many a drunken, beautiful nighttime rides on said bike.
- went to a lot of amazing concerts, including two in-studio performances (A. Bird & Metric).
- was constantly reminded of how great my friends are, new and old.
- watched movies on the side of a garage.
- made pizza on the grill.
- frequented the beach.
- met a neat guy, who makes me happy.
- found a new favorite author (Murakami).
- painted my face like a cat.
- saw a moose in the wild.
- tried something new, whenever I could.

Pic taken on my Portland road trip, in Gresham, OR.
Idea for this post by Sam, whom I don't really know, but probably should.

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