Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lawn Games Galore

The jokes just write themselves. A game named Cornhole? What were people thinking? Most of the time I simply call it "bags," but admittedly "cornhole" is funnier. I suppose some of the bags are filled with corn, and the board has a hole in it, but still. Then again, I would hate to miss out on questions like, "If I get it in the cornhole am I fucked?" (Jake).

Since making a set of cornhole boards this year and keeping them in my trunk, the amount of lawn game playage is at an all time high. I scoff at other people's boards- they are too bouncy or slick, clearly not regulation. There is plenty of room for rivalry and shit talking in this game. And dirty, dirty jokes.

Recently I was also introduced to a Swedish lawn game called
Kubb, where you throw sticks at blocks, trying to knock them over. Not as easy as it sounds. Add silly rules that have you bending over, tossing a stick between your legs, along with Socialist ideals that give the losing team an advantage at the end, and you have a hell of a game. And if a player is wearing a dress (Jess), Kubb also lends itself to bawdy hilarity.

Setting up Kubb.

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