Friday, September 12, 2008

The thing about renting.

The thing about renting is that you have no say in the matter. Any matter. When creepy painter guys start putting up ladders to redo your window frames at 9:00am you can't tell them to go away, that you want to shower without having someone on the other side of the not-blurred-enough glass. Or when you complain about the low water pressure, that when any other faucet is turned on in the house while you are all sudsed-up in the shower that the water turns off indefinitely, and all you get for an explanation is, "That's old houses for you."

Old house or no, if you were living here, Mister Landlord, you wouldn't tolerate these things. Oh, none of your cupboards shut? You have unfinished, sharp-edged countertops too? Most of your doors don't stay properly shut (which allows one's cats to become quite the escape artists)? Whatever. But you'll shovel and mow the lawn? No? What the hell kind of operation is this? What's that? No, I'm not yelling. Please, please don't kick me out. You what? Found some pipes that were about to explode and they're being redone and my shower will now actually operate like a normal shower? Alright, I'll put up with all that other shit, I guess.

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