Friday, May 29, 2009

the bean bag predicament

I've been slacking, I know. Here's one I started a while back.

Lawn games are tough on the equipment, to be sure, which leads me to the predicament of figuring out how to make durable, washable bean bags. The material is easy enough, upholstery fabric should do the trick. But the guts? Previously I used popcorn, but I was worried that they would rot or pop during washing. Beads? Beans could rot too? Tough. Store-bought bags are filled with sand, and aside from the "free sand" aspect, they leave something to be desired. So I went with Stensby's idea of varnishing the popcorn, hopefully sealing it. Any other suggestions are welcome...

My bean bag recipe:
6 inch squares upholstery fabric
Double stitched, 1/
4" inseams
Just shy of 1 cup varnished beans per bag

A bean bag that has it figured out: Mean Bags. Embroidered with insults, you simply throw the Mean Bag at the offender. Brilliant.

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Harry is the ultimate whoremouth.