Monday, May 4, 2009


St. Paul's Craftstravaganza was held this past Saturday, which myself and a carload of crafty friends attendend. I was somewhat underwhelmed, there were no useful wooden items afterall, but it was good to do some Uptown Market promotion. I finally met Adam Turman, who is designing a promotional poster for the market. Other highlights included: learning what a Chupacabra is, neat designs by Michelle Brusegaard, driving around the empty fairgrounds, stopping at Eden Pizza, and of course, Stensby's ensemble of bedazzled glasses, capuccino, and American Apparel Scarf.


Jake Freeberg said...

You didn't know what a chupacabra was? It's number 2 on my list of favorite cryptids:

Margee said...

I actually did a drawing of matthew as a chupacabra when we first moved here, because he was obsessed with always eating goat.