Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Foot in the Door @ the MIA

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA) is having their fourth Foot in the Door Exhibition, which happens only once a decade, featuring any Minnesota resident that enters a piece. It runs Friday, February 19, 2010 - Sunday, June 13, 2010, with an opening reception on February18th.

The only requirements for the art is that it be smaller than one cubed foot, under 80 seconds if it's a video, and it mustn't contain any liquids, live animals or infestations (dang). So, if you fancy yourself an artist, enter something! I'm submitting the mustache mug shown below and Tom is entering his short film, Call of the Wildman. Pretty rad to say you've got artwork at the MIA!

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@booksandbars said...

Re: Caveman short

Pablo: Is that soap?

Jefe: It's an old iPod.

Doodles: I liked that. So I want to see it again.

Pablo: Now the birds can do stuffs on the iPod.