Thursday, February 18, 2010

viewer participation photocomics

Comics with pictures instead of drawings are called fumetti; the wiki article references A Softer World as well as a series about zombies in a post-apocalyptic world called Night Zero and a self-explanatory spoof comic, Alien Loves Predator.

I've already expressed my love for A Softer World, and word art in general, so I took this one step further and created interactive fumetti to hang in my bathroom. The idea is that anyone can change the words whenever they feel particularly inspired.

I looked through my photos for a series of shots that could easily be edited into three pictures with people interacting, then cropped them as 5x7s and arranged them accordingly. I added white boxes for text, put them in a frame with a glass cover and then taped a dry-erase marker on a string to the frame. I added the initial text to give people ideas, but am happy to say they seem to change fairly frequently. I'm working on my next photo selection (probably something with cats) and plan to change them every few months.


Morgan said...

I may have a few cat pictures if you're having trouble finding some.

@booksandbars said...

Great idea! Love it. Especially if you included the magnetic poetry or other such interchangeable letters. Probably worth buying if you did specific ones/tailored it for people, too.