Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Stuff White People Like Me Like

Every mid-to-upper-middle class, city-dwelling, liberal white person's favorite blog is now a book, available at your favorite local independent bookstore.

Though some of the magic has worn from Stuff White People Like, the "Oooh I like that! It's hilarious and ironic!" realization after reading every entry, I still marvel how spot-on many of the articles are. I remember reading the blog one day and at that precise moment being guilty of no less than seven depicted stereotypes, right down to the Threadless t-shirt (#84) and organic fair-trade coffee (#1 & #6). The listings are so exact that I find myself questioning the items I don't know. The Wire? Well I haven't seen that, better put it on my online movie rental queue (#85 and #39, respectively).

I don't own the book yet, I tell myself that I can just read the blog, but it is a pretty blue and would fit in so nicely with my color-coordinated bookshelf...


Average Joe said...

Um, the Wire is awesome. The best show ever.

Emily said...

And it's always worth it to buy a book simply because it will coordinate with others on your shelf.