Tuesday, January 6, 2009

current projects

Lately I've been feeling like a genuine artist, getting paid to make art, go figure. I made this painting for a friend whose only requirements were: abstract, soft, pink and gray. This friend is rather "girly," so I went for abstract flower things with a stenciled background, using acrylics and resin for a slightly glossy finish. 36" x 48" on canvas.

Then I wanted to paint something for myself, so I decided to make a series of vinyl record paintings, each on a different colored background with embroidered stitching to give it a crafty feel, inspired by a Threadless tee. I'm mildly obsessed with the four-color combo I've chosen, but agree with
Christian about CMYK, and plan to do a series in that as well. 12" x 12" on canvas. Acrylic, thread, ink, paper. Naturally available on my etsy store, but currently hanging on my wall since I'm so fond of them.

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Hannah S. said...

Who are you calling "girly?" ;-) It looks awesome. I feel very sophisticated to have a big, unique piece of art of my wall! Do you get piz messages on your phone? I can try to send a pic of it hanging up.