Sunday, January 18, 2009

tonight, we dance.

Two words: Equalizer t-shirt.
It actually works, lights jumping along with your thumping tunes. But I'm torn. Naturally I want one, as it is both nerdy and a t-shirt, but I can't decide if it's simply amazing or amazingly annoying?

It would have to be a special occasion item, but I'm not sure what occasions since my days of going to raves are, well, nonexistent. Or could it be utilized on a regular day? Perhaps at a stoplight when someone else pulls up next to me with their bass blaring; or at the mall, while walking by Abercrombie.

Big decisions, indeed.


Anonymous said...

Seriously? I don't even get a shout-out for exposing you to this?? I'm hurt, Roxie.

Roxie said...

AHH! I was trying to be brief. Sorry! JAG, you are the best. Thanks for your savvy internet research.

filthy cute said...

i actually saw a waitress at the uptown wearing one of these... cool idea, but in practice it just looks like you want everyone to stare at your ta-tas.

Unknown said...

What's wrong with looking at ta-tas?

I think it's awesome!!

Anonymous said...

I think you gotta be careful here. Remember hyper-color shirts? They were all the rage. But then you washed them. And they sucked forever. (Back and forth)